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Based in Chania – Crete

We are destination wedding videographers and photographers working in Chania,Crete,Greece but also travel covering wedding ceremonies of various cultures worldwide. In our creative wedding videos we include all the phases of the wedding.We are especially attentive to capture all your emotions and those of your guests. We love to innovate, improve and create a unique film every time.Unique and Special, just as you are.

Our goal had always been to present your wedding day as one of the “most important in your life”. And we manage to do so through the cinematic innovation we use. This same innovation, and passion, has led us to participate in major global competitions, winning major awards in multiple categories.

Thank you, we would have never done it without your heartfelt participation.



The happiest day of your life has arrived? We are here to capture these special moments for you forever.

Δείγματα Δουλειάς: Video | Φωτογραφία

If you are searching for a baptism photographer and videographer who will capture in the very best way this very special day in your life then we are here for you.

Δείγματα Δουλειάς: Video | Φωτογραφία

The photoshoot that will steal your heart.Enjoy it with us!

Δείγματα Δουλειάς: Video | Φωτογραφία

Η πρώτη εντύπωση είναι πάντα η πιο σημαντική!

Δείγματα Δουλειάς: Video | Φωτογραφία

Διαφημίστε με επιτυχία το κατάλυμα σας στο Booking και Airbnb και αυξήστε τους πελάτες σας με τον καλύτερο τρόπο.

Δείγματα Δουλειάς: Video | Φωτογραφία
Μουσικά βιντεοκλίπ

Ο συνδυασμός ενός καλού τραγουδιού και ενός επιτυχημένου videoclip…μπορεί πραγματικά να σας απογειώσει!!

Δείγματα Δουλειάς: Video